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Literature Meme ||| {9/10} Prose
● F A H R E N H E I T   4 5 1 ●
                   by Ray Bradbury

It’s a world where firemen start fires rather than stop them. It’s a world where books are banned(after all, they hold bad ideas). It’s a world where people do not spend time alone, or take pleasure in the outdoors. Most importantly, it’s a world where people do not think independently and the burning point of paper is 451 degrees.

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More fun facts about ancient Celtic marriage laws: There were no laws against interclass or interracial marriage, no laws against open homosexual relationships (although they weren’t considered ‘marriages’ since the definition of a marriage was ‘couple with child’), no requirement for women to take their husband’s names or give up their property, but comedians couldn’t get married

It’s Adam and Eve not Adam Sandler and Eve

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I saw Jennifer’s nudes and I’m actually really sad because that was her personal photo and she is so incredibly beautiful but she wanted that picture private and now strangers like me have seen her in a vulnerable position. I would have much rather seen her nude in an artful form with her consent as opposed to her being exploited.